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Sutton and Strings

I stumbled across these two videos of Bryan Sutton and Billy Strings at Delfest. One is from last month and the other from last year. I thought others might enjoy them as well. They are either incredibly inspiring or a bit deflating; perhaps a bit of both. I waffle back back and forth.

I can do a lot of things in life, but I can’t do anything this well. Being this good at something must be a great feeling.


Wow! That’s incredible! That banjo solo in the 2nd vid wasn’t nearly as fancy as the guitar playing, but it was really tasteful. Those are some top notch pickers. Thanks for sharing!

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I got to see Billy Strings and his band at a Bluegrass Underground taping earlier this year (it should air on PBS in the fall).

Billy is the perfect blend of traditional and jam-grass for me. He’s so energetic on stage and really seems like a great kid.

I’m looking forward to seeing him again when he comes up to NH at Prescott Park and a few days later at the Ossipee Valley Music Festival at the end of July.


He has quickly become one of my faves.

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