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Super excited about October

It was AMAZING! Justin is such a great fiddle teacher (and person)… everyone at camp is always just super!


All I can say is, I was really overwhelmed. There is so much information and it comes at you so quickly. That is not to say it was a bad experience. Not at all… I was really hyped leading up to camp and it delivered everything I expected and more. In fact, I’m already planning on coming back next year. I think it’s going to take a year for me wrap my head around all I left with. I too made some connections. Some local and I’m hoping we can get together on a fairly regular basis and build on what we learned.


Is the forum not accepting any photo uploads now for some reason? It keeps giving me the message that the file has to be under 10000 kb, which all of mine are. I want to share a few from camp but haven’t been able to.


I was getting that msg as well w a file size below the limit.
The last 4 photos I uploaded were 211, 386, 210 & 230 KB. Since I use a phone, I cropped, then screenshotted the image & repeated that a few times to get the size down. Despite the photos being pretty much hacked, they still looked alright on screen, & the forum accepted them. Maybe that’ll work for you too…?

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Hi @Michael_Mark Try scaling the file much smaller then do a test upload if that works try it a little bigger until you find the best optimum. That’s what I do.

Digital photo’s pack a lot of data so there will be restrictions on the file size you can upload to the server. By rescaling down the file size quite a lot you do loose picture quality but at the same time you do drop a chunk of memory. Reduce the file too far and the picture appears blocky or pixelated. It’s all about finding the optimum size, once you find it, scale all your pictures to that size and they should be good to upload.


Sorry about that! After I get them scaled down below 5mb I’ll run them through


Thanks guys, that worked!

The terrible– err, terrific trio:

We weren’t exactly prepared for those photos :rofl:

Winning band, week 1:

Winning band, week 2:

Don’t even ask:

One of the jam circles from the banjo-only camp:

One of the jam circles from week 2:

Some of my banjo heroes!


Great Pic’s @Michael_Mark

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Thanks for sharing those!
That was a fun jam on the porch!

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@Fiddle_wood I told you I’m just blurry at that time of night lol

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