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Sunny side

The new posting on the site of Keep on the sunny side is a pleasure to learn . it has it all mixed 1/4 and 1/8 notes and also rests . it gets your mind working and thinking . I like it because it sounds so awesome. try it out you will like it well most will . I don’t have everything Ben has posted done I do the ones I like more. but this one is a keeper. have a great picking day everyone!

I was starting to pick along last night. I agree. It’s a great song and fun to play.

I am doing 155 beats on this one and playing right with the tab program . it has made my fingers sore as I can’t quit I keep reassuring myself I can do it at 155. Not perfect at 155 but can do it real good at 145 . I started at 90 beats and it was actually harder to do because you have to wait so much LOL . It has been a pleasure for me to learn this one as it was my Mothers favorite song . The tune sounds decent at 160 but better at 170 so that is what my goal is 170 , of course I may change the goal posts later.

Sometimes it’s funny… I never get done as my goalposts keep moving. “If only I could play it this much faster.” In the end, whatever speed you enjoy it is the “right” speed. With that said, this song could probably truck along pretty fast once your hands used to it. I bet you’ll hit 170 before you know it.

Thanks for the encouragement . I am doing it at 160 but it is sort of hard. I guess the next step will be 170 and then 180 . It really sounds nice at 170 or 180 , I am also doing the back up so I can do both parts . I will play along with the tab for a while and switch and do the lead . I think I am going to have to soak my hand as it is getting a tad sore LOL Maybe I should soak my head . It feels like nap time for this old man . One thing I have noticed is if I am having a hard time with a phrase I can back off for a day or two and it comes easier the next time .

I tried to record it and the recorder is not good for this. I think I will have to wake up my old four track and do it with that . I can lay down the back up first and then I can try to play along, I am going to start at 160 beats to make it easy on an old man . The audacity on the hard drive and the guitar raw is not going to get it, the back up comes through to loud and drowns out what I am doing . I can do it at 170 and 180 but the first one will be at 160 . I want it to be as perfect as I can get it . timing issues I do have and am working that out . So after a rest and a trip I will get the four track out and get some new tapes if I can find them .

I now have it down to memory and can do it at 160 well and 180 not so well but I can do it . as soon as I get a good clean recording with the four track I will post it .still have not set it up yet but will later on, it may not work it has been 20 years since I used it LOL Caps all dried out and the resistors falling apart who knows what would happen in 20 years transistors turned back to sand ??? Ole Bill Shockley started it all !

I posted a M3 but decided it was not right I missed so many notes and added some I am working on it right now to correct it I need to play with back up also . Back to the drawing board as they say LOL

This one is a little better and you can actually play back up I may trip a few places , it is not near as bad as the first one

[attachment=0]sunny 4.mp3[/attachment]

That’s real nice welder! I like it! Hey did you ever hear Rod Picotte’s (spelling?) song “Welding Burns”? It’s a good one. :sunglasses:

That’s true welding does burn, nice bouncy tune yes . I listened to it . We welded on a block of aluminum that was about two inches by 1 inches and one inch thick and some times in the heat of working we would forget and pick the part up by hand (bare) and wow what a sensation you could feel it frying the skin and it would actually vibrate it would leave a nice tattoo on the palm of your hand but you did not forget after that . I could weld in a tee shirt and never burn I don’t know except the shirt was black and absorbed all the light who knows . The first recording of that I could not back up because I was so out of time. this one is a bit better . Thanks for the nice .

Alright Ken, that’s coming right along! I was out of town and haven’t been able to practice it, but you’ve got me motivated to jump right back in.

When I do use back up I can stay in time also , I can do it very fluid at 170 and sort of at 180. I am almost at the point of reading tab as one who reads music . learning the rests and the note values along with that .