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Sunny side of the mountain

Where the rippling waters flow. Yes it is a hoot to learn this one it is really hard on my index finger on the fast slide up and back but I am stuck with this one for awhile. yes I am hooked but good . any one have any advice about playing this have at it . I am all ears or eyes .

You inspired me to work out a break on this.

It’s rough, but it’s two times through with my “ideas”/noodlin’ around. Don’t mind the singing intro as I am not much of a singer.


That was quick!

— Begin quote from "mreisz"

That was quick!

— End quote

I already had another stock break, so the song was embedded in this old noggin’ of mine.

I am glad you posted though as I was wondering about that lick I played over the C chord. I heard you play that on a song a few years back (that we threw together here) and wonder where you got it? If that’s an “Original Mike Lick” then I’ll give ya credit where credit is due. :smiley:

Edit to add: It’s pretty much just licks…doesn’t take long…I was just following the chords around.

Thanks for trying to credit me, but I don’t think I ever wrote anything original. I tried to claim credit and get royalties for the tuning song (E A D G B E), but nobody has sent me any money for it yet :smiley: If we could a nickel for every time someone played that, I could share the royalties and we could all retire to a BlueGrass Jam retirement home. Now THAT is not a bad idea… A semi-assisted retirement community where you could have things catered to pickers.

I enjoy the kind of playing when, as you said, you just “follow the chords around” and pick up the melody. Those are the types of things that stick with me. Like that great piece you did what you did for “What will we see”. I haven’t played that in a long time, but I suspect I could pick up a guitar and play it right now. We do need to record that puppy.

BTW, It’s a bit early, but I am already in the mood. Everyone I ran into yesterday seemed to be in a jolly mood, so: Merry Christmas!

I got the tab from Flat pickers .com if you want to go there and hear or see what I am working on I may do a recording it will not be complete and it will be slow . LOL about 11 bars is about as far as I am now . and yeah ! Merry Christmas to you both and every one that comes here I wish the best Christmas ever. I am still hanging in there with playing and enjoying it . You all be safe this year .

Merry Christmas to both of you too (and all other lurkers).

Mike I am ready to record “What Will We See” as soon as you or others want to jump in and make some music.

Welder I’ll go check out the version of Sunny Side of the Mountain that you are working on. Thanks for the link. I think it’s a great tune. Keep on plugging away at it.

Oh and for the record, I am following Dan Tyminski’s version of Sunny Side in the video. There are a few versions out there and I prefer Dan’s.


On the DT version… man that is a smooth and woody sound he gets out of that mando. Nice version!

— Begin quote from "mreisz"

On the DT version… man that is a smooth and woody sound he gets out of that mando. Nice version!

— End quote

Oh, I can’t find anything wrong with this version. I like the fiddle break but that mando and especially the banjo break are pretty special. Goes to show what “pros” can do verses us hacks. Ha ha. :mrgreen:

10 bars so far I can play with very little effort . Next will be the next 10 or 11 bars. it goes past that dreaded 5th fret LOL . I am really enjoying this one . I find if I practice just before bed time I wake up to it being easier so I might just make that a staple of my practice to always finish it just before bed time . I guess that all those neurons and peptides and electrons, synapses are running around bumping into each other trying to put things in order LOL . I like this one almost as much as Angeline the baker . Man ! my fingers hurt . Like Ben says there is nothing better than the good ole G lick

I’m most familiar with the Jimmy Martin / Nitty Gritty Dirt Band version of the song:

Not a fan of the remix though, that took a little bit of the ‘front porch’ feel out of it.

Right wrong in between I have the first ten bars down where I can play it in my sleep . I now own this tune ten bars of it now on to learn the last ten or eleven ,. it is very similar to the first ten but it goes past the 5th fret oh dread LOL I i will have it down soon . I think I like this one better than Angeline the baker . they are both good ones to play . love the sound of this wow what a tune , the people that write this stuff are truly blessed people. I would put up a MP3 but the entire board is full won’t let me . when I get it to memory I feel I am vindicated and have arrived , but to where I don’t know I am just having fun learning wwheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Just over look me, I really am enjoying this .

[attachment=0]ripplinmg waters flow.mp3[/attachment]Here is the Apart Sunny side of the mountain

good bad or ugly all me on the Martin .

Two thumbs up Ken! There’s an awful lot of sliding going on in that clip!

Just about blistered my index finger but it got better and the pain is gone now . now on to part B. I got that on Thank you for the flowers, I appreciate it very much.

Nice job on a nice song Ken!

Thats the butter on my toast that is the gravy over my biscuits . Thanks for all the replies on my playing . I do try although I may miss the mark at times .I just love the sound of some blue grass tunes . Sad but not sad .

Great job Ken,

Something different, I like it. Glad your hands are better and you can play more again!

The fingers are working better . I really like this tune it fits everything I like about bluegrass picking .

Good job Welder. Won’t be long until it rolls right off those finger tips that the ears control.

Sounds good.