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Not bluegrass, but I recently purchased BIAB and have been having fun making backing tracks for jazz and bluegrass. This is a fun melody I have always liked that I thought I would just improvise over.


Great job Mike! I enjoyed it very much.

I thought I was losing my vision about halfway through :open_mouth:

Good to see you having fun Dr.

Thanks guys. I am currently working 5 different part-time jobs since being laid off and working on starting a 6th. This video was fun, but also is being used to drum up a little playing work. Next time I should record in a brighter area. :blush:

I thought the lighting was perfect. The playing was well done also . I do hope you get all the work you can stand and all the music jobs also .

I liked the lighting changing. It reminded me of a summertime day with a little cumulus cloud passing over and blocking the sun starting at about 1:50.