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Suggestion - Have a "my lessons" link

Hi, it would be nice to have a menu or link to “my lessons” where I would be able to save all of the songs I am currently working on. This would save a lot of time searching over and over again for the same stuff.

Love the site, keep up the good work.

I think that’s a good idea. I have sent a link to this thread to Andy (

Whoa! That is a brilliant idea! Our website guys are pretty savvy but that could take some time! Let me see with Ben and the techy’s if that is a possibility right now.

Until then folks, keep pickin’!!?


Cross off my dumb way of doing it just bookmark your lessons and if you know how to bookmark it is easy and if you are logged in you can go to the lesson of your choice. IE11 you place them in your favorites and Fire fox you bookmark them

Good idea!

Not a good idea I tried it and the security stops it and I can see why it brings up the page with all the pertinent lesson but you still have to log in I don’t lknow if you can do that or not I will keep trying and see .

you can not loog in on the page brought up I should have tried it first but I was so sure it would work sorry iof I( caused any one any trouble .

Maybe in the line of links on the site could do it after logging in ,. but I don’t know about how much bandwidth that would take and I know that is always a consideration or maybe just have a list of all the lessons for every one and all you would do is scroll till you got to the lesson you wanted . you could use three pages for that mando Banjer geetar or three separate lists on one page and of course it would have to be secure and a log in required

just book mark your lessons thats all you have to do but remember you have to be logged in

BB Asked everyone not to … There is a way to do it !!!.. for BB site people … I won’t say how or use it or use it!
I used to be a Field Engineer in another life!! The backdoor always has a hook!