this may have been asked elsewhere but if so I’m gonna ask again. What is your choice in strings for your banjo? and why ? I just bought Earl Scruggs strings by gibson, has anyone else tried these and what you think. also what gauge ? I use medium.


I never tried the Gibson strings. I use GHS JD Crowe med/lights. 10, 11, 12, 20, 10. on all 4 of my banjos. They came on each of my banjos when I purchased them and have been happy with the sound each time so continue to use them. I’ve tried some sets that were a bit heavier but didn’t like the duller sound and the higher tension.


funny I bought a set of the ghs the same day as the gibson but chose to try the gibson first, I guess my next string change ill be trying the ghs next.


I also use the Earl Scruggs medium gauge. I tried the lights, but did not like playing them and prefer the sound of the medium too. Before I have tried a set of GHS and one I think it was d’addario, but will stick to the Scruggs for now. Just ordered three sets yesterday as a matter of fact…


so how do you know when to change strings? I’ve had my aria banjo for about a year and haven’t changed them except for when i broke one by accident and my gold tone is pretty new as well… they both seem to sound fine, maybe there’s something i don’t know here lol…


I myself change them every 2-3 months, while playing ~1hr/day, but how often mostly depends on the intensity of use and the quality of the strings and how sensitive your ears are (or in my case, of the one you are living with). Signs it’s time to change are the sound of the banjo getting worse and tuning becomes more difficult and even impossible at some point (sometimes so bad that you really start hating to hear yourself play, but hey who likes changing strings so keep on picking is def an option in my opinion :slight_smile: ??).