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String height

new to the site and this is my first post or question. I’m new to the banjo and just purchased my first insturment. My question is what should the string height be at the 12th fret, mine is in the neighborhood of 3/16" of an inch off the fret board. I was wondering if this is about the normal height or if it should be lowered a little to make playing chords a little easier. I have a problem making cords in the area of 10 thru 12 because the strings seem a little high to me. any comments would be greatly appreicated

Hi Larrybi,
I am not a banjo guy, but that sounded pretty high to me. I did a search and based on what I saw, it does seem that is a bit high. I saw several references to 1/8" as a general target, and some of those were measured higher up the neck. 1/16" is a big difference in action, and it should make those chords up the neck much easier.

Here’s what appears to be a nice setup guide:
All the details may not be exactly the same on your banjo, but that should give you some idea.

Hey Larry,

My suggestion is to hook up with a luthier and get a setup done. i’m lucky in that I have one of the best (Edward Dick) in my neighborhood. I always hate messing with the neck and always screw something up and wind up having to take it in after I “fix” it :slight_smile:

Thanks Mike…I purchased the banjo fron in Marrieta, Ga. I have talked to them and they are gonna put in some railroad spikes and I’ll get them to make the adjustments. Thanks for you response, I really appreicate it