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String Buzz

Hi, my banjo strings “buzz” intermittently whether they are being played open or fretted. One moment, they are all buzzing open string and the next they sound clear. Anyone had this happen before? My first thoughts are new strings and rod adjustment in case they’re making contact with the fret, but the weird thing is the buzzing is not consistent. Thanks

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sounds like something is loose start checking all the joints and attachments such as broken bridge or a split nut maybe a loose neck it should either buzz or not . go through and check the set up . you should come across the problem .

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Thanks, I think I’ve found it. The neck isn’t stable…it had turned some and was at a slight angle relative to the head. I’ll take it apart…probably a nut in there that came loose. Thanks for the advice!

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The purpose of the forum is to try and be helpful and am glad my post was of some help to you. also we try to have some fun along the way. Play the music and enjoy it, keep on pickin!!

Update: Just noticed another problem with string buzz, the G/Middle string buzzes when played open. When fretted, there is no buzz. It was playing fine after the adjustment I made to tighten the nut. Any ideas again would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

On a guitar I would suspect that the G string nut slot might be too low, but banjos aren’t usually setup real low. If that were the problem, there wouldn’t be much clearance of the G string over the first fret.

Another thing to check for is that it isn’t just a random thing (plate, washer, screw, tuner, an air freshener hanging off the headstock) that is making noise when you hit the open G.

Might check your bridge for any hairline fractures.

Or just get a new bridge anyway because it’s fun to buy new things for your banjo!