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Stolen Banjo!

From Sam Morrow on BHO: "It breaks my heart to report that my house was broken into today and I had my old banjo stolen. It’s a TB3 1926 archtop. Stupidly I never wrote the serial down. Inside the pot on the Gibson label is written ‘Jake Tyler’ in ball point pen. One very distinctive thing about this banjo is that the inlays on the neck are ‘off’. I’ve played it so long I forget what’s ‘regular’ but the inlay is at the 9th fret instead of the 10th.

I bought it in Ohio 16 years ago and I loved it like an old friend. I live in Bristol VA. If you see any sign of a banjo like this please let me know. "

Here is a copy of the Flier:

Man …that’s too bad …I cant stand thieves …i wish you all the best of luck in retrieving your"baby" …sorry again to hear that …

It’s not mine I’m just passing this alone to help.

ok sorry …should have read it closer …but i wish sam the best in retrieving it…

Man that gives you a sick feeling seeing a vintage instrument like that stolen. Sounds like it has a few things to set it apart from the crowd though, might make it easier to spot. That’s kinda close to me, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out.

I say we find 'em , linch 'em and string 'em up ( in the key of F#)
In all seriousness, I hope that he finds it. I don’t think the thief could fence it off too easily without being caught.