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Southern Flavor

This was the first song I heard when I went looking for bluegrass music, and needless to say, I never looked back. :smiley:

Well anyway, a little while ago, I decided to come up with a break for it, and this is what I came up with. I haven’t got it down up to speed yet, but I figured I’d share it with y’all anyway.


Good deal. Thanks for sharing!
I am a worry wart when it comes to downloading executable files. I went to download the PDF and it showed it as an EXE. I just wanted to confirm, is that what I should expect?

It’s definitely NOT supposed to show as an EXE.

I’ve uploaded the files to MediaFire, and edited the original links. It should be better now.

Got it, thanks. It looks good. I’ll give it a spin.

[attachment=0]Southern Flavor.tef[/attachment] I down loaded the midi file it is not music but a mere set of data instructions and if you have the full program of tabledit it will take it and tab it out and play it back for you if you have the paid version you can save it but with the free you get only 16 bars . I find that really a nice thing it does. It gives a real quick tab for all of it but you can not save but 16 bars on the free version. here is 16 bars of it because I do not have a paid for version . I slowed it down

I have the paid version of Tabledit, so I figured I’d go get the rest of the tab saved and post it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it to import the MIDI file. It didn’t give any indication of error, it just didn’t do anything. Bummer. Maybe I need to update to a later version.

it is on the way to your inbox. the mididyity file oops my southern flavor just showed through .LOL :smiley: I totally misunderstood you. I went to file clicked new back to file and clicked import and when the window comes up click import and it will tab it out for you and if you have the full version save it 3 clicks is all it takes and if you have done that and it won’t work you may need to update your Tabledit .

I guess I had a corrupted MIDI file. Ken sent me his version of the MIDI file and it imported fine (Thanks Ken!). Here’s the full TEF file. There are some timing issues (typically too many beats in a measure), but it seems to play ok, so I haven’t taken the time to clean it up.
[attachment=0]Southern Flavor.tef[/attachment]

Thanks loads I appreciate it very much it sounds like one I would like to learn :smiley:

you can use Anvil to make a midi about one minute long with the free version not much help in a three minute tune. i guess you have to get the full version . not sure how much it costs . But anytime some one has the midi we can use it with the full version of Tabledit