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Songs ben should teach

Now it might just be me but i think he needs to teach us how to play a little old gospel tune called “just a little talk with jesus” or maybe " robe of white" my family had a gospel band called “the family circle singers” they sung these old gospel tunes so well and there just arent any tutorials for them on youtube. And id like to know how to play these tunes.


Hey Matthew! Welcome to the board!

From what I can find, the copyright on this one is 1937. That’s a few years newer than it needs to be for Ben to teach it for free. It’s not in the public domain yet. Ben is working on the functionality to allow members to pay an extra fee that will go to the copyright holders of such songs, but he’s not quote there yet.

Looks like this one is 1947, so same problem. I found these dates here:

so if you think they might be older than what I found, let Ben know. He loves teaching those old gospel tunes.

Is Ben updating a blog somewhere about the copyrights that I haven’t found? I’m just curious if there are any updates about what’s happening and when it might happen.

Check this out

Not sure if this will qualify on copyright grounds, I’ll add “All hail the power of Jesus (diadem version)”.

Or this one… “Blow ye the trumpet, blow” below.

Blow ye the trumpet, blow


I’ve been hoping Ben would do a good old-fashioned, lively, “twang-the-strings” version of “Days of Elijah.” I mean come on! If you haven’t heard this old gospel song, look it up and I’m sure you’ll agree.

Then I would imagine it would be a jubilee at lightning speed?? :slight_smile:

Why not? :smile: It’d be a great finger exercise/warm-up! What do you say, @BanjoBen?!


hmm… I didn’t know it pulls the thread up the stack when you edit it.

I didn’t either. :thinking:

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I’m surprised Ben doesn’t teach the yellow rose of Texas.


Great idea!