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Song Request Blue Railroad Train by Tony Rice

Hi Ben,
I’ve got a song request for Blue Railroad Train by Tony Rice for both the rhythm and solo parts. I’d like to get the feel/groove of the song better, how to count it, and the correct pick strokes.

Thanks, JD…

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Hey JD! Ben is still in the process of getting the licensing stuff ironed out for copyrighted material. Anything written after 1925 is off limits until he gets that done.

That being said, there’s nothing from stopping us students from helping each other. Do you have a link to the song and some specific parts you’re trying to nail down?

might check these…

Thanks guys for the help.

Old Train is another good tune I’d like to learn too.

Here are some theory and picking technique questions.

I have one of Tony Rice’s books that includes the tab, and audio to Blue Railroad Train. In the book the time signature is written with a C with a slash through it, which to my knowledge is considered cut timing or 2/2. However, I notice on the audio Tony counts 1,2,3 and comes in on the & of 3. Going by the way Tony counts it off, the cut time signature doesn’t make sense and seems like it’s in 4/4 time instead.

I watched Ben’s video on YouTube breaking down parts of Decision at Glady Fork and he talks about using the correct pick strokes. From what I can tell Ben is a strict alternate picker, even on the cross picking stuff on other songs.

I’m more of a downward pick slanter that uses alternate picking, but also some economy picking. I believe Brad Davis is more of a downward pick slanter with his double down/up technique. Not sure if Tony Rice is strict alternate picking on Blue Railroad Train, but appears to do some of the double down/up on some of his cross picking songs.

Anyway, that got me thinking about how to approach what pick strokes to use on Blue Railroad Train. Also, the feel/groove/syncopation of the song is something I need to really work on.

I hope that makes sense, but just throwing it out there.

Thanks, JD…

ha, guess I’m getting old, misreading things…back to regular programming…

the tab is at for blue railroad train. I doon’t think the back up is there

Appears to be a vacant lot up for sale. Are you sure this is the intended web address ? Sorry try this one you may have to join flat pickers which is free