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Something NEW!

Check out this stool my buddy made for me:

He used his banjo and made a template of the headstock and fretboard, and routed, sanded, and cut everything to be exact.
He cut an “A” into the headstock for my last name.

Here they are together before I brought mine home:

Its a pefect height for picking and I think its pretty darn cool. :sunglasses:

Wow, your buddy is a pretty talented craftsman. Nice work!

That is really cool! Perfect for picking!

That’s Awesome!!! very nice …i want one but of a guitar lol …he does very good work !!!

That’s great, Mark! Looks like a great pickin’ chair, plenty of elbow room.

2 days before he gave it to me - I stopped by his shop unexpectedly and he later told me he had to scramble to hide them because he was in the middle of working on them with his son.
I wondered why we ended up outside that day…

He’s very talented and creative, and he’s a good friend as well.

I’m glad you enjoyed seeing them.

That’s a good Buddy to have.