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Some times a picker don't know what to pick

Do you ever get to the point you don’t know what to pick I sure do and it happens about every two months . so any one out there every get that way ???

When it comes to practice, I’ve got a never ending list of songs to work on, but when I’m jamming I’m always having a hard time figuring out what I want to play. I make myself a little written list, but when the time comes, I usually decide I don’t want to play those, either. Some guys I pick with are like juke boxes, they whip out song after song with only a few seconds between songs. I’m hoping with enough practice I’ll get like that, too, but I’ve got a long way to go.

I occasionally play with some human jukeboxes… they know seemingly hundreds of TX swing songs. I sit there and go “ah ha!!! a G chord! (STRUM)” then I wait for another recognizable chord to come along.
As far as looking for something to pick, unfortunately I have the opposite problem. I have more things I want to do than I can do. Even before I got more busy, I couldn’t keep up with Ben. I tell you what Ken, when you get to a point and you can’t find something to pick, hit this thread and I bet there will be a ton of suggestions. I think you like bluegrass gospel, so I’ll throw out a few suggestions in advance:
The model church
Victory in Jesus
Where the soul of man never dies
I’ll fly away
Drifting too far from the shore (we need to do that one as a collaborative!)
Have you someone in heaven awaitin’
If we never meet again this side of heaven
I am a pilgrim
Will the circle be unbroken

IDpayton : yep thats the way I wanted to be but I don’t think I have enough time left . one every 3 and a half minutes.

Mike: I do most of those in church except one “Where the soul of man never dies” and I have been talking to our in house pros the Watkins family, they are good . I am dropping hints all the time for them to learn that one . I played that so much I tend to pass over it but I love the song .

Well, I pretty much struck out. Nonetheless, if you get to where you can’t think of something to pick, just post it on this thread, and I bet you’ll get a bunch of suggestions. They’ll probably be better suggestions than mine too :smiley:

And don’t forget Youtube. It’s one of my main sources of new material.