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Some great Backing Track sites

Hi all,

If you are like me, you enjoy practicing with the benefit of decent backing tracks. This is a great way to tighten up your improvisations and stretch out your ideas. Not to mention that it is a great way just to practice scales, arpeggios, cross-picking and the like.

I recently found a few new sites and wanted to share them with you all.

The first site is primarily bluegrass and has backing tracks of lots of tunes. It also has some practice chord progressions to get your fingers moving the right way:

This next site you probably already know about, but if you don’t, you should. It covers all styles and has untold numbers of backing tracks for all manner and style of popular tunes (in nearly every style).

This next site is more about learning lots of new tunes more than giving you backing tracks. It has about 400 with words and chords (most of which are accompanied by an audio sample of the tune).

If your tastes lean more toward early jazz and “hot” jazz (a’ la’ Django), this site carries lots of early swing tunes along with some practice jams to get you going. All the tunes can be slowed down or sped up online!
Here are some more of those Django tunes done in an authentic style:

I have lots more of all of the above, but these few sites should get you started with thousands of backing tracks to whet you whistle. Enjoy!

With all my scouring of the internet for guitar sites, I still managed to miss some of these. Nice resources.

Thanks for posting those. It’s pretty amazing how many resources are available to us.

I guess that they have donations and if I hit the right one I will donate. Thank you very much it is appreciated.

I have been using the following site for the last year or so, like it as it gives so many different tempos and it is very easy to use, has a pretty good selection of tunes. :mrgreen: