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SOLD! Vintage early 70's Gibson Mastertone RB250 for sale!

Howdy friends,

I’m posting this here first because I love y’all, but I’l go to social media with it tomorrow later, and I don’t think it’ll last long. This is an all-original (except bridge) early 70’s RB250 that is set up to peel paint. Also includes a Japanese hard case and leather strap. It’s in really good shape. These are going in the $1,700 range. I’m going to ask $1,449, but will go $1,400 here for y’all if you want it first.

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Nobody wants this banjer? :sob:

It’s a good deal…I’d snap it up in a second if I could still play one & had the bucks.

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I WANT the Banjer… but it was that little part abou $1,400… even as it is a good deal… my empty walet is groaning at me!

All the same, whomever buys it… thanks for thinking of us and making us a better offer!

Dare I ask… how many PERSONAL Banjer’s do you have and which one is your fav?

By personal - I meant to convey that I know many Banjers pass by you… in trade and sell… but’s those that are all yours… was my intent.

Do you still have your FIRST Banjer? Also, I am guessing for $1,400 for this “used” versus a brand new RK for $1,000 - YOU would take the Gibson for the best value. By value and tradition, I bet my play money that you would take the Gibson…

I would be intimidated to buy used ON MY OWN (unless through Ben’s Store/Site - who I trust outright) as I don’t feel “qualified” to know what I am buying.

All the more reason to be happy that Ben and his store is there - looking out for his students!

I’m betting that, for the money, the RK is probably more banjo than the Gibson right now. The thing is, that Gibson will almost certainly hold its value over the years whereas we just don’t know what to expect with the RK.

And who wouldn’t like to say they play a Gibson? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have 3 banjos, my first one with the tunneled 5th string, a Gibson RB-3, and the Huber Lexington I play now. My sister is touring and playing with the Gibson.

That’s what I struggle with…how to compare an older Banjo with a new one at a similar price point. I’m sure it depends on a lot of things, I just don’t want to buy an older one that might be more of a collectible, than one I can play and learn on.

The video here should prove that it’s playable and you can learn on it. I haven’t played this one, but Jake and Robby say it’s great, and you can trust that. These early 70’s RB250s are better than the later years, and you rarely find one as clean as this one. If you look around online you’ll find them in worse shape for around $1,700-1,800 and up.

No question that this price can’t be beat. Ebay had 3 on there yesterday that were much more expensive and in worse shape …some with non-original parts.

Shoot, I just put a deposit on a Gibson 49 Classic a few days ago, wish we d seen this first!

A deposit means you can probably get it back, no?

I wish, but he was polishing, doing a setup and new strings on it. Since it’s a luthier friend I’m buying from, I would feel bad. Somebody will get a nice banjo though!

You let Katy tour with your Gibson? Man that’s some brotherly love right there.


Steve, are you in the market to buy? If I were looking for a good learning banjo and had the money, I’d jump at the RB250. My first teacher recorded his entire album on an RB250 and it sounds phenomenal. Plus, when you’re ready to upgrade, you’re practically guaranteed to make a little extra money selling this one.

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Just like mine. Paid 3500

Is this still available?

It’s on hold right now but I will keep you posted. Thanks!

I’m planning on buying it. Just need to finalize everything tomorrow morning with The Banjo Ben General Store. @mark_Rocka’s post pushed me over the edge. Thank you Mark…after a discussion with my wife which included several eye-rolls from her… I asked Ben to reserve it for me. Thank you Ben.


You’re getting a great banjo, but don’t let @Mark_Rocka think he’s getting a commission! :joy:


I know that “eye roll”. A banjo players first roll to master. As a matter of fact I know that “roll” better than all of 'em!