Hi @BanjoBen U got 3 sisters ???


Yep! I have another sister that is 2 years younger than me. She lives in Texas on a farm and has 6 kiddos.


I am one of twelve. 6 brothers and 5 sisters. 3 brothers and 1 sister have passed


And here I was thinking I got a big family 6 bros and 1 sis I’m the 2nd


Just curious, got three questions, first what’s her name? 2nd, does she play any instruments? 3rd is that older or younger than the other two?


Dinah is her name, two years younger than me and 5 years older than the twins. She plays a bit, mainly stand up bass with her kids.


Oh cool, I didn’t know the twins were that much younger than you:sunglasses:


Hi @BanjoBen you really need to get the whole family together and video record a little jam session. How about a bunch of Christmas tunes that would be awesome. :christmas_tree::gift::ribbon::notes::musical_note::guitar::violin::headphones:

Be sure to include the kids the more the merrier Ding Dong Merrilee on High the Clark Family are all singing


How do you get emojis to work? Mine just do this:yum::heart_eyes:


You need a space after the text :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


Ok thanks :joy: :sunglasses:


I bet she has had to contend with every possible joke variation involving her in the kitchen with someone strummin’ on the old banjo.


Okay, @BanjoBen, ive got three more questions two on topic one off. First, what instruments do each of the twins play? Second, did the purple hulls ever have more band members or just the three (and now two.)? Third, I heard Robbie Boone works at the general store; does he frequent the forum?


Right now they’re playing my Huber, a Northfield F-5S, and an HD-28. Just bass players in the rotation is all. Robby does, but he is not on the forum…yet!


Ok cool, my first question was not what specific models they play, I meant which ones can they play, (e.g. mando, guitar, etc.) So?


Katy plays guitar, banjo, accordion, and piano mainly. Penny mainly plays guitar and mandolin.


Ok cool, i want to learn accordion…


So, who plays fiddle and dobro?


Stuart Duncan and Rob Ickes!


Ok, so, more than just bass players :ok_hand: isn’t Stuart Duncan pretty famous?