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Singing bluegrass songs

I have to say that I enjoy singing bluegrass music. Even at my novice stage in bluegrass, I still get up and lead in our jams. But I also have to say that I would rather sing harmony than melody. There’s just something about it. It’s a blast working out the harmony to a song! I’m a baritone, but my harmony isn’t always a baritone harmony. Sometimes I take the upper harmony, and sometimes the lower. I got started singing harmony in Church, singing hymns.

How about you? Do you like singing bluegrass? Are you comfortable enough to lead a song? Or do you like singing harmony?I want to say that if I can do it, anybody can! I’m not the most coordinated person playing the guitar, but I can hold a groove and sing, I just keep it simple! What’s your experience in singing and playing?

I could not carry a tune in a bucket . I love harmony also it is a good thing to hear two or three blend the 3rd and the fifth what ever . by the way do not give up ever on singing or playing . enjoy it .

I think singing bluegrass is fun, especially when you are singing with others. If you have a voice and an inclination to do so, that’s great! You probably will find that to be an in-demand combination in picking circles. I have been to jams where there are something like 12 guitarists, 1 banjo player and no vocalists :frowning:

Hey Mike!
I’m with you! Singing bluegrass is fun! I love it! As I said I’d rather sing harmony. My ear always looks for it first. It’s great when you have a group of people who love to sing together.

Hey Ken!
I know this is Ben’s site, but I have to drop a name, because I like what he said on this subject.Pete Wernick wrote that he gets irritated when he hears someone say that someone else can’t sing. He says that it’s not true. He goes on to say that you just need to find a key they are comfortable with. Start there, then, over time, work with the voice to reach different keys. It makes sense. Think of Bob Dylan, in reality he wasn’t that great of a singer. Neither was Janice Joplin, or Joe Cocker. But they did very well for themselves. Never cut yourself short!