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Silent Night in G

Thanks Ben for the G version of Silent Night. Recently I got a LaVarrie OM-9 in mint condition. I haven’t had a fine Rosewood guitar for years; even the mistakes sound great. BUT the way I have to sit to play will not allow me to play. I’ve tried to make it “my guitar” but I go back to the Taylor and realize the OM got’s to go. Thanks for a version for this Christmas. Merry Christmas to all…


Which Taylor do you have, and what makes it better for you to play than other guitars?

I got a Taylor DN3 a few years ago. First new guitar I’ve ever bought, and no regrets. It’s literally the best sounding guitar I’ve ever played.

Merry Christmas to you, too.

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I have a Taylor 314ce with the Venetian cut away. Because of a number of helpful back surgeries, I have to sit “back” at a negative 45’+ angle. I’ve found the neck of the OM is much rounder and thicker. This requires too much pressure in position
playing and reach. The Taylor is more of a V shape and I can wrap my thumb over my index at the first fret. The OM barely allows the fingers to meet. I an 6’4"" and 250lbs so.It is strictly a mechanical issue and I wanted to give more time to decide but things won’t change. Buying on line; sometimes you get the bear and sometimes he chews on you! Because of the condition of the OM I will make money on it and probably be looking at a high end Taylor.
Merry Christmas to all…