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Scruggs Style Backup Class by Russ Carson

For those who may be interested…
Russ Carson of Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder is sharing his knowledge of backup banjo in an online class next Tuesday ! Here’s a short video to share what he’ll be covering in the 75-minute class.


I just watched the preview video. I’m really excited, but not for the class. 6 months ago, I would have been like “How did he do all of that in F?!”

Instead, I saw tons of Ben’s waypoints and tear drop lessons in there. It looks like I’m way closer to learning how to ad lib like that than I thought!

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I signed up and I’m excited. I appreciate you sharing the link. I figure with my help Russ (and maybe Bennett) can buy @BanjoBen breakfast on their next adventure.

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I seem to recall @BanjoBen saying he was hoping to have Russ as a guest teacher in the Cabin a while back.

I just texted Russ: “I’ll give you $300 if during the livecast you say you learned all that from!”


Love It! :heart_eyes:

I’ve signed up but I am unable to participate in the LIVE session. Maybe Dave, Mark and Doug can give a plug :rofl::joy:

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Haha! Nah, don’t do that…might be a bit tacky :wink:


HA! Well, considering the number of people that’ll be taking his lesson thanks to being here, maybe he should mention your site and pay YOU $300.

I won’t be able to do the live class, either, but I’m signed up and looking forward to it.


Now that’s a more fitting suggestion.

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Any you guy’s manage to access Russ’ live lesson ?

Logged into the site last night before heading off to bed NOTHING !!!

I did. The audio and video quality was so bad I left about half way through. Bennet said he’d have Russ do a couple of better quality videos and send them to everyone when that’s finished.

Thanks Mark, Live streaming can be problematic I had similar issues with Bill Evan’s Skype lessons some years back. That’s why I am such a big fan of pre-recorded lessons where audio and video quality is tested prior to streaming. I think @BanjoBen has proved he has the best model for online lessons.


Did you get a link to join the live lesson? I thought they were sending a link to email for the lesson. I couldn’t watch anything “live” but the tab and a decent recording of the lesson will be just fine.

Yeah, they emailed me a link and the tab as well. I’m really looking forward to the follow up videos.

I’m assuming they are waiting for the follow up videos before posting something you can watch from their library at the website. Thats how I got the tab but nothing to watch so far.

Yeah, I’m sure we’re just waiting for Russ to make the videos and Bennet to get them ready for distribution.

Thanks for the info Mark. This is another example of how great a website this is. :sunglasses:
My fears have been put to rest.

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No doubt. I’d never heard of Bennet’s Banjo By Ear site before this lesson. Made me really glad I found Ben first. Bennet seems like a really good guy, and maybe the rest of his site is good, but this was definitely not a good first impression.

I took lessons form Bennett over the net…standup guy and an excellent teacher.

Too bad there were some difficulties with the broadcasting. In my own experience, Bennett doesn’t want anyone unsatisfied with the experience and insists on being fair in situations like this. He’s gone the long haul to make things right with me in the past when I couldn’t continue playing banjo due to injury…I’m guessing he’s good for his word on making things right in this situation as well.


I definitely get that impression. He seems genuinely upset about the quality and intent on making things right.