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Scale Sequences and circular patterns


You provided this.

— Begin quote from "mreisz"

A pattern I see used in music quite a bit (typically in small chunks) is like this in G:
G A G A B A B C B C D C D E D E F# E F# G
If that doesn’t make sense for someone, give a yell and I or someone else can write it out in tab or standard notation

— End quote

Is this about right.

[attachment=0]Mike Reisz Sequnce.tef[/attachment]

Jim Jones

Hey Jim,
I saw your PM and went and wrote the pattern out in TablEdit before I came here. You already had it (and it looks like what I was describing). I had also added another octave and did a similar pattern back down. I am not sure how helpful it will be for y’all, but here it is. I called it an indecisive scale because it sounds like it can’t make up it’s mind.
[attachment=0]Indecisive G scale.tef[/attachment]

It’s surprisingly fun to come up with little patterns. Let’s see what people come up with…

I would love to see other and other’s ideas Mike. What I have thought of as sequences tend to be “regimented” and maybe good to drill a scale, it is the pieces with something else that make the music and a break that sounds good. Your’s is an example that has variation in the pattern.

I added another pattern to the same TEF file. This one seems more regular as it is a 4 note pattern along the scale instead of 3 (like the first one).
[attachment=0]Indecisive G scale.tef[/attachment]

Ben has a lesson on that . I use it to get my fingers working . It seems you tend to go faster on the way back down sort of like a runaway train LOL/ In my case it sounds like a train wreck.