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Sailor's Hornpipe

Hi Folks,

Here’s the last of the Sailor’s Hornpipe triad…I did the banjo challenge and the guitar version…now “I’ll irritate you  with my mando version ( I tried to add “Popeye the Sailor Man” to the end). I think my wife is sick of this tune!

I got it to 180 bpm which is about the max for this old geezer at this point in time. I usually prefer to play a tune at a comfortable rate until it becomes boring then keep bumping up 10 clicks or so at a time.…but time is a factor right now…so I pushed further than I wanted to go just to see how far I could go before I crashed. Ben does it at 200 bpm.

Anyway, hope you enjoy. Get to pickin’ this tune and upload your recordings!

It got up to about 50 degrees today in the Black Hills of SD and I had to open my office window to keep from overheating!

Remember “Real musicians have day jobs” 