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Sailors hornpipe

Here it is after many moons of practice and sweat and sore fingers ha ha ha No I have known this one for sometime but just recorded it and it well so here it is .

Good job Ken! Clean and good timing. I just broke out the guitar and played backup rhythm with you.

Thanks it iis an old tune for sure but I enjoy playing that one.

I always liked that tune but never bothered to learn it (I’m lazy that way). However, your very nice rendition of it made me write it out with a few bluesy additions.

I tend to play these AABB tunes straight the first time through each section with some changes the second time. This is what I came up with.

By the way, I wrote it out in G major (meant to be capoed on the 2nd fret so that it sounds in A major)

Sailor’s Hornpipe

Thanks you just gave me something to learn. Beside food I think something to learn is a good gift. do I like it . you bet it sounds very good . now on to learning it .

I’ve been playing it on mandolin lately (in A as well). It’s a fun little tune. I wonder if I enjoy it more because it is forever linked in my mind to a cartoon?

an old actor gone by now but his name was Dane Clark and he had a miniseries on tv of course it was in black and white but me and dad would not miss that show and him and Popeye had about the same music . it is a tune to be remembered that is for sure . Can’t remember the name of his show . Dane Clark played in “Back from the dead” a prelude to Cape fear similar in plot they say. He had a tv show on at 10 pm I think it was Fridays . late fifties The beer commercial I remember now had that tune to it, Ballentine ale . Wow that had to be at least a hundred years ago LOL.

Well Ken I guess it’s official. Your the patriarch of the forum! :laughing:

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late fifties The beer commercial I remember now had that tune to it, Ballentine ale .

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…the three ring Ballantine Beer.

Yes three ring ale . Dane Clark was 85 when he died . Am almost positive the commercial was local in Dayton Ohio but they used Sailor’s hornpipe .

It’s not what I was looking for, but this is pretty entertaining:

You did not mind commercials so much back then as they were entertaining sometimes better than the show . Thanks for the post I enjoyed it and played it twice

I mean how much better could the product be with Purity Body and flavor ,wow! just makes me want to go buy a ballantine ale and I don’t drink LOL .

The more I listen to the way Drguitar arranged it I am going to get in to learning it that way as soon as I finish “Oh little town of Bethlehem” I will get started on it . Another approach and one I like real well . thank you fo another lesson it will be a fun one to learn it that way.

I looked back over my arrangement and found a few clumsy fingerings (in measures 11 through 13) that I corrected. This one should make more sense to the fingers.

Thank you . Merry Christmas Drguitar and your family also .

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Thank you . Merry Christmas Drguitar and your family also .

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Health and happiness to you and yours also. And may the spirit of Christmas surround you throughout the entire year!

Ahoy Mateees…I was working on the Sailor’s Hornpipe Challenge for banjo this week…soooo as a by-product I recorded it on my Tenor Ukulele for my “Uke Friday” I email to my friends…thought I would share…

I hope I got the file attached!

Its a Low G strung Uke.

Blessings, JB

Good job . I liked the g-lick at the end of the faster one LOL. I play that three different ways but Ben’s has a lot of thinking put into it and just another way to get there but a good way . I like Ben’s arrangement the best . How did you fare in the contest?

With all the website difficulties and my busy season at work starting I managed to get my entry in by Wednesday night about 10:00 PM MST…was too late there were three winners before me. At least the exercise got my blood flowing… It seems like I do my best work when I have a challenge like a vocalist requesting me to play solo back up for them at a special event where I have to figure out an arrangement in a week or less…Keep on pickin’…JB

I now have Ben’s lesson complete on guitar, Sailors hornpipe . The lesson is a hoot to learn fun for sure . I had a tad bit of trouble with the cross picking and kept wanting to do a down stroke where the up stroked worked much better . part B That makes three arrangements and when I learn Drguitars arrangement that will be four. LOL