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Safety first

Never learned how to fly but always wanted to, but things do get in the way (mostly me) and wanted to learn helicopter most of all , that being said I am a stickler for safety in any thing humans do , so with the small plane accidents in the news lately I assume that we need to be sure all rules have been followed and all safety items have been checked . It may seem trivial but check every last item before embarking on a flight . I value all life but most especially the Friends that I have found here on Ben’s site in the forum. Be careful, a minute lost checking it out could prevent many days of recovery or worse . Fly and have fun but fly safe friends . May you all have a very Merry( safe) Christmas and a (safe) Happy New Year.

My Aunt Luella passed away recently.
We just returned from her memorial service.
The following is about her.

One story relayed at her memorial service was particularly compelling.

Aunt Luella was an Amazing person. One of her wonderful qualities was her skill as a nurse.
While working at Fish camp,(in Alaska)
she observed a terrible accident. A fellow about 20, hit a boulder with his three wheeler. His face was severely injured and his airway was compromised.
Aunt Luella sliced a piece of fuel line from the wrecked vehicle and used it as an airway.
She managed the victim till a helicopter transport arrived.
The only way they could transport him was in a metal stretcher under the helicopter. Aunt Luella refused to allow him to travel without someone to monitor him.
She rode on the Helicopter landing gear… managing his airway… all the way to the hospital.

 He survived.. The family is eternally grateful. 


Epic indeed. I know it isn’t the concern during an emergency, but did anyone get any pictures? It would be cool to have a picture of your aunt Luella hanging off the chopper.

Hi Mike,
I’m not aware of any pictures. I agree… what amazing determination!
My mother with her folks and 9 siblings lived by a beautiful lake, 6 miles upriver from the ocean. The area is Bristol Bay, just north of the Aleutian islands on the mainland.
Many go commercial fishing in boats. Several relatives are ‘Set Netters’. They string a net from the shore to a float anchored about 300 yards from shore at high tide.
Here is a picture of their camp.