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Rhonda Vincent (pics)

Had front row seats to Rhonda Vincent and the Rage last Saturday night. They gave a great performance. The band members were some of the best musicians I’ve seen and needless to say, Rhonda Vincent’s voice was flawless as usual. Here’s a few pics if anyone is interested.

Excellent! I’ve not seen Rhonda, but she seems like a great performer as well as musician. I bet it was a fun show. Speaking of fun shows… a head’s up to all you Tennessee types. The Cleverlys are playing bluegrass underground (near McMinnville) August 10. They aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I like them. I have some friends that might be going. If they get tickets, I might try to make it as well.

Nice pics, bulldog. It’s always fun being up front. Is the pretty lady posing with the bus your wife?

That’s a long way to go to see The Cleverlys, Mike, but what a neat venue (didn’t oldhat see a show there recently?).

No Larry that would be my daughter. She’s flattered about the “pretty” part but not so much about being mistaken for my wife! :laughing:
Something else I wanted to mention about the concert. If you guys are like me you’re always checking out what brand of instruments are being played. I see a lot of Martin and Collings guitars at festivals around here along with Gibson and Collings mandolins. Always good to see other names on the headstocks. Rhonda was playing a Smith Creek mandolin and Josh Williams was picking a Kendrick guitar. Never heard of either but needless to say, I checked them out on the internet when I got home. Any of you guys heard of or played either one?

Oops! I was just guessing about your daughter’s picture (not the pretty part, just the wife part).

Thanks for the info on the instruments. I’m always interested in what folks are playing, but I have to admit I’m not familiar with either Smith Creek or Kendrick. Rhonda and Josh are a couple of good endorsements, though.

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Not to be outdone :mrgreen: This was from the Sweetgrass Festival, We had front row seats and met Rhonda Vincent and many others including Sierra Hull,Got a picture like this one with her also. Incredible energy from this little ladys show!!! She is a BALL OF FIRE !!!on stage.

Cool pics!

Didn’t know Josh Williams was still with Rhonda. So he has his own band, plays with Tony Rice and Rhonda Vincent?

At the concert she said he joined her band at the first of this year. They have a pretty busy touring schedule so I don’t know how he would have time to do much else, not sure.

Josh doesn’t have 2013 touring dates posted, but this quote is from his webpage:

— Begin quote from ____

Josh regularly appears with the Josh Williams Band and is also playing select dates with the Tony Rice Unit, and occasionally performs with the Randy Kohrs Band, and the Traveling McCourys; Josh has also performed with Alison Krauss when she wasn’t touring with her group, Union Station.

— End quote

I looked at Tony Rice’s website and he only has one touring date (August 17) listed for the rest of 2013, so that’s not much of a conflict right now. Makes me wonder if Tony is sick again.

— Begin quote from "Bulldog"

At the concert she said he joined her band at the first of this year. They have a pretty busy touring schedule so I don’t know how he would have time to do much else, not sure.

— End quote

Cool! Maybe he “re-joined” as I thought he was a member in the past. I will be keeping an eye out for them in the future. JW is pretty high up on my favorite pickers list.

Cool tune from the past:


Larry, I have heard that Tony Rice was canceling some tour dates, but never heard why. I had a chance to see Tony for the first time a couple months ago, but I had to work. I hope that wasn’t my first and last opportunity to see Tony in person.