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Resonator Guitar Help Recommendations?

Hello! My 11-year old son has recently gotten very excited about playing a dobro/resonator guitar. He really struggled with trying to play my banjo, specifically relative to fretting on the neck. The lap-style and tonebar fixed that problem! He so loved playing a friend’s several weeks ago that he decided to buy one… with his own money (we helped)!

So, now what?!? I am showing him a few things on the guitar beginner lessons but the resonator is a bit different. The fundamentals (chords, location on the frets, etc) are there but technique and learning how to slide is different. I have been showing him a few rolls as he is using the three finger picks similar to a banjo.

Any recommendations out there?!? Thanks!



Man, I bet it’s exciting to have a kid interested in music! I can hope. :slight_smile:

Have you tried checking out the lessons on Youtube? Looks like there’s a bunch of them.


Well,,,, and Artistworks all have great dobro courses that I’ve heard highly recommended. I would also try, it’s a forum for everything reso, and they will be able to give you a lot of great info and advice


I’d go for ArtistWorks for starters, as it starts with the very first basics and makes it really easy to learn from that. It will also go as advanced as he’ll need for a long time, and Andy Hall is a great teacher. I’d also recommend Rob’s Reso Room from for some more advanced stuff, as well as the sites Gunnar mentioned.