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Recording : Peach picking time in Georgia (me)

[attachment=0]peach picking time new.mp3[/attachment] : I have spent some time on this one I hope you enjoy it .

Nice! Keep on picking!

Good job Welder, I may just have to learn that one myself!

Thanks , I put some time in it . but hey I have on each one I do ,. as soon as I can I am posting Clinch Mountain back step, need to smooth it out a bit more .

I’ve got Clinch Mountain Backstep down pretty decent on the mandolin but haven’t attempted it on the guitar. I figured it’d be a little harder.

Not that hard and I will send you a tab on it. I might have to have your email address so I can send it as an attachment I can send it tabledit or PDF but I can not find where to add a attachment on the forum email . I have my reasons for not posting it here .

Sent you a p.m. Thanks Ken!

[attachment=0]first try Clinch.mp3[/attachment]Here is as promised it is slow because I am slow ,LOL I will pick speed later on . but this is to let you know how it sounds at least and may help you get it down d=faster .