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Recording my practice

I bought a Rode condenser mic, mic stand, Focusrite 2+2, and Reaper a couple months ago. It’s all just been sitting in my office doing nothing. My intention when I bought it was to record my practice sessions.

Finally, I started doing that.

Let me tell you, it’s been invaluable! I’ve done some videos before, and while those are fun for feedback, they’re really difficult because I get so self concious in front of the camera. I tend to forget how to play, and what I was supposed to be playing in front of a camera. Same with in front of real people. BUT, in front of a microphone it’s the exact opposite. The mic seems to help me focus. I can hear things more clearly, I’m better able to remember the music.

Anyhow, here’s a sample of today’s practice if you’re interested. I was working on some Delta style blues licks with a pedal. Delta blues is what I absolutely love to listen to and want to play, but HOLY crap is it difficult to disengage the thumb from the rest of the hand and make it work like a drum. Steady, unwavering beats. That’s before you go into walking bass lines, or like you’ll hear a triplet in there.

Oh yeah, and I had to throw in some Stairway at the end. It’s just a fun song that everyone recognizes, so I like to practice it.

Guitar is an Eastmace PCH3 GACE. @AdamAsh sorry bud, I couldn’t wait until August. The bone Pearse bridge pins are from the store.


I’ve had the instructors tell me to record my practices. I think it’s probably time I should start doing that.


Great sound!!!