Recording Kings in the Cabin


Hey y’all! I just got my first 2 Recording King banjos…whoa. I’m really impressed, especially with this RK-R36. If you’re interested in one, shoot me a message on the help page.


Is that the mahogany model? I had a 35 (maple) and liked the sound.


Yes, it is excellent. I’m recording my lesson on it today.


Woohoo! Dibs on one of them!

I’m gonna get me an official autographed Ben Clark Banjer!! PM sent as we’ve been discussing.


Here’s the promo vid I just recorded for the R36…great banjos!


That’s a nice sounding instrument.

Perhaps my neighbors should get nervous :wink:


Uh oh! Mike, you thinking of joining the dark side? You’re a guitar man, right?


Yeah… maybe… someday. I tried for about a month on a borrowed instrument and never got used to the feel of the picks. My current “out there” instrument is fiddle. I am trying to get some Christmas music ready with it. All I have succeeded in doing so far is chasing all the pets out of the neighborhood. If I got a banjo, I’d probably chase the neighbors as well :astonished:


Look at you grinnin from ear to ear!


Ben let me know my RK-36 Is in and being set up by Jake as we speak and likely shipping tomorrow! Man, I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas! Also a bit like a kid learning to drive in a Vette… lol. At least I won’t be able to blame the banjo! :rofl:


You’ll have to post a video showing it off when you get it. Looking forward to seeing your new toy!


Good idea! I’ll consider that my “before” video…


New banjo is inbound… ETA tomorrow 11/9 evening. Man, I’m getting excited!


She’s here and she’s BEAUTIFUL! Definitely heavier than my old clunker Harmony Marquis and Ben had her set up with a light action and all I can say is WOW! I’m grinning from ear to ear!

Thanks brother for this amazing banjo and the great deal…

Now to just figure out how to play this thing…




Ooooowwweeee that’s purdy! If that smile was any bigger you’d need 2 faces. :smile:

Can’t wait to hear you playing it!


Awesome! Congratulations! I am jealous (but in a good, healthy and happy for you way)!


Mike, you need one of these.


Thanks Mark! I’m still grinnin… She’s just gorgeous…

And trust me, you can wait! LOL… I’m still working on Bilem Cabbage Down and Cripple Creek on 33-1/3 speed!


Nothing wrong with that. My bet is that you’ll spend so much time on your new baby you’ll have them down in no time.


Thanks @Mike_R! Ben has been great through the whole process, I can’t say enough. You’ll see when you get yours!