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Recommend a Pick for a Beginner

If you had to recommend one pick for a beginner, what would it be?

Hello Earl. What instrument would it be for? And what type of music would you be playing?

Sorry about that. I guess it would be helpful to know the instrument. An acoustic guitar. Would mainly be for country, bluegrass, and folk.

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I would try the Primetone, myself:

There are other Primetone variations and check out the JT’s picks as well:


Thanks for the recommendation. I will definitely place an order tomorrow after church. Think I’ll also see if I can purchase a few other items in order to justify the shipping expense…lol

Thanks again for the quick response. By the way, I’m enjoying the site a lot.

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I would recommend starting with a pick in the size of a 1mm. I myself use a Bluechip 40, and I love it so much! I actually own 3 of them for back up :sweat_smile:. That’s how much I like them hahah! But I always recommend for people to start off with a 1mm size , at least . I like the Wegen Bluegrass picks in the 1mm size as well. As well as the Dunlop Ultex. All which you can find here on the General Store.

I have tried a bunch of picks. I am currently using a Primetone triangle 1.4 and I like!

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Thanks for your recommendation. I’m going to take a look at the General Store today after church and place some pick orders based on these recommendations.

Thanks again.

Thanks for the comeback.

This may sound crazy, but if you need to spend an extra $10 to get to free shipping status, you won’t regret buying a bar of soap from the general store. Ben’s sister makes them and they had a few flavors at camp. I’m not kidding, there were guys standing around sniffing those things like we were football players getting juiced up on smelling salts.


I’ll second the soap recommendation. I almost bought a bar until Rance shared his idea of using it to get above the free shipping amount. Brilliance comes in all forms, even big, red bearded, lumberjack-preachers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Nicest thing anyone has said to me all day!


I am a beginner at guitar and find the JT’s triangular red coloured pick easy to use. As my skills improve I will invest in a similarly shaped Bluechip.

Which sister?

Well, after all the recommendations, which were greatly appreciated and considered, I ordered several different kinds. Even a BlueChip TP40. Just wanted to see what a $35 pick feels like…hahaha

Thanks again everybody.


I suspected the blue chips were all hype until I actually used one at camp. They’re legit.

Hey Gunnar, her name is Dinah

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Ok I’ve heard of her