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Recoded over 20 years ago nothing to it ME plus ME

This was recorded on a four track and I only used two tracks. This was when I was playing old rock and roll and jamming with fellow employees . My nephew was playing this with his cousin and I went home after hearing one time (I sure wish I had that back) both parts were played using a 1989 Strat plus and through the four track [attachment=0]nothing to it.mp3[/attachment]

Sounds good!

I like when it got a bit over-driven. Tape sounded good like that. Today’s digital stuff sounds awful when it clips.

I did the recording back then one time no do overs , yes I was nuts but a lot better then than now . I took up bluegrass because I really like it, but am getting somewhat disenchanted with the speed part because I am not that fast a picker and I like to hear the melody and some of those pros and novice players play so fast the melody gets lost . some tunes require speed and that’s fine but to play black mountain rag at 350 is a bit over the top and it is like hearing a machine gun , I appreciate the articulation but would rather hear it 180 . I don’t care if they make mistakes it reminds all that we are after all human. At my age when it becomes a chore I will quit . I will keep playing though . just not as hard LOL .

I know what you mean about the BG speed thing, it’s a challenge. I set all my practice tracks at 200bpm and find now after several months that doesn’t seem that fast anymore. I have pushed past a little but as soon as it gets sloppy I back up.
I know you need to gradually build it up, pushing does no good, just slow and steady. then suddenly it comes on, weird how it works.
Although some of the mega pickers play at speeds that are unreal, sometimes I think the melody gets a little lost sometimes. JMO

I have no problem with 180 to 200 beats but the over 300 is nuts . and I do appreciate the articulation but I would rather listen to the tune . I find that speed comes with time playing the tune yes . but I will draw the line where it blurs the melody.

The very main thing is to enjoy what it is you are doing and I do slow or fast LOL .