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Receiving tab - two questions

  1. It looks like even though I have registered as a member I still have to pay for tab is this correct?

  2. It looks like the tab will be snail mailed to me? Is this correct? I would like to be able to just print it now, not wait for snail mail.


Hi Catherine and welcome to the site. If you registered as a gold pick member, all tabs and video lessons are included and no you don’t have to pay anything more for them. Have you logged out and then logged back in so that the site recognizes your membership? If you registered as a silver pick then yes the tabs are extra. But even then I believe (Ben, correct me if I’m wrong) that once you pay for them they can be downloaded directly to your computer. Does anyone still use snail mail ? :wink: Please let us know if you are still having problems and someone here will help you through it.

Thanks Jack, I only want to download them directly to my computer.