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Random member names

Hey Ben, who are all the user names on the forum member list?
They are from Uganda, Croatia, Slovenia, Tunisia, etc They seem to all have links to websites like: … aches.html and

I’m guessing they are hackers or spammers that found a way into the forum.

Why, we could get us a posse together and hunt them dirty theiven’ dogs down. :smiling_imp:

Ahhh, good ol’ spam bots.

I developed quite an extensive relationship with a nice little spam bot named Kathy not too long ago. I was about to fork over $400.00 for some furniture sold from a Geocities site. They can be persuasive if you let them get in your head.

Yep, I see you’ve got it down to a more reasonable number.
Maybe they’ll go somewhere else and play for a while.