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Rake slam hit pat

this is interesting , I might look further into this I like it but it may not be for everyone. depending on cost I may get one later on . it’s always later on isn’t it. I went to the site and I don’t think I will install it on my good Martin it may have use for bluegrass but it might take some innovative thinking. 70 bucks plus shipping so I would think about 80$ total cost . There seems to be some good thinking out there any more . Nice but not necessary, may help those who suffer from pain when they play old people disease and all that because I can’t spell Arthritis.

It makes an acoustic guitar sound like a harpsichord. At least that is what it sounded like to me on the video. So far as guitar goes my hands and fingers still work about as good as ever. I don’t see how this would help stiff and achy hands, but it certainly looks like it adds to what can be done with a guitar. All my opinion of course.

Jim Jones