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Ragtime Annie

Hey Ben. Been a Gold Pick member almost since you started your website. I play guitar and have attempted to pick just about everything you have taught us over the years. Haven’t developed to your level yet, and may never. I gauge myself to be somewhere between intermediate and advanced, but trying to unload some old bad picking habits and methods and become more disciplined. That is something I have seen from you over the years and has inspired me, although I may never be able to pick as slow as you do!. That always amazes me, and is one of the things that sets you apart as a teacher. In addition, of course, to your mastery of music and so many instruments. I wanted to thank you for dedication to helping and teaching us. I know it is a lot of very hard work, but I know you love it and the love of the Lord flows out of you brother.
I have recently been watching and listening to some YouTube videos of folks playing Ragtime Annie (Scott Fore is one of my favorites). I have been thinking I would like to learn that, and thought, who better to teach me than Banjo Ben Clark! If you can find the time someday, would you consider teaching that to us(guitar)?

Love ya brother!


This one is going on the list for sure, thanks so much!

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And thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement!


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You betcha! Hey I wanted to thank you for the personalized order you just sent me. I just purchased a capo and a Blue Chip pick. i didn’t realize you packed the orders yourself, but found out when the package in which you sent it had a little impromptu poem on it:

I miss Texas
Yes I do
Enjoy the capo
And Blue Chip too

(an impromptu poem by Banjo Ben)

Remember that? Haha I DO love the capo but haven’t had much time to use the pick.

I wish I could send some “Texas” your way. Thanks brother…and thanks for putting Ragtime Annie on your list!


Hahaha! I was hoping you’d enjoy that! Thanks so much for your support of the General Store.

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