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Question about sharing recordings

I just wanted to ask some of the long-time site members if this would be a proper place to share mp3 mixdowns of home studio recordings. I’ve been doing this as a hobby for a while now, and would love to share some of my recordings with other part-time pickers and home recorders to get some feedback about what I’ve been working on. I’ve shared a few to my Facebook page, and have gotten a few “likes” but I would really like to share to a place like this so I could get some advice on recording and mixing techniques and constructive criticism from people trying to do similar things.

I wanted to ask before uploading anything, not sure about site etiquette.

Yes, you can upload mp3s on the forum. It is certainly fine to upload an mp3 to get feedback or demonstrate something. With that said, I suspect the space on this forum costs Ben money without any direct income from it, so we often link to other sites where we are doing things that will involve a significant amount of files. For example, when working on a collaborative recording, we use Kompoz as a “home base” for all the mp3s. Some people use soundclick for storage and link to that. In short, I would say have at it and upload mp3, but if there are going to be a significant amount of files, maybe store them externally and link to them on the forums. I am looking forward to hearing them.

Actually, I think the best solution if you have a large amount of files is in your original post… facebook. Link to those and it would get more likes as well. That way you can get more exposure on both sides of the fence.

Good idea. I’ll see if I can figure out how to do that!