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Purple Hulls online show

The Purple Hulls are playing Feb. 26, 7:30 CST on concert window. Here’s a link:

I’ve never seen this site. Do you have to be a member, what’s the cost, is it safe, etc. It looks interesting. I looked into some of the schedules and there’s some good bands coming up.


It was new to me as well. My wife saw it when the Hulls announced it on FB. I went to look at an event just to see what the dealio was. I didn’t “play” the concert, just went to the home page. It didn’t require a membership. There is a tip button. I have no idea how it works or if it’s safe. With that said, there are some big names (and the Hulls were promoting it), so I am guessing it is more likely legit and safe than not.

BTW, the Hulls are one act in something like the “First Online Bluegrass Festival.” Here’s their FB page. It has the flyer as a post.

Thanks Mike,

I may just give this a try if I can figure out the procedure.

To late but I will be ready next time , I guess they get paid by the tips . I seen some at 150 bucks so many that watch are affluent people . I would tip but it would not be any where near that much. sounds like a winner for a good site . Thanks Mike Good post . We or me and the band I was playing with at one time got out door beans and enough to cover the gas and we was very happy about that cause we did not charge , the best thing we met some nice people and made new friends,. Thats the time I sang Memphis and the drummer took off at over 200 beats but I never missed a lick nor a lyric. And that is where music becomes fun.

I missed it as well. Bummer. I got busy working on some wheels and I forgot about it. Time flies when you are packing bearings :unamused:

I am going to try to catch up with them live sometime in the not-to-distant future.