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Progress on "Jingle bells"

[attachment=0]jingle bells one half.mp3[/attachment] I had to do this five times as the dogs were barking about the time I was done . I made one misstep and covered it well so here it is .

Sounds good and sounds like fun. I just started playing his arrangement on the mandolin a little. It’s a fun one as well.

I thought if I ever sell the banjo I might go for a mandolin . the one with the mando is using the swing chords and the guitar is regular chords sort of like caffeine and no caffeine. Looks like it may be sleep time I have only been up for ten minutes but seems like this time of day is the best sleep . It is nice I can do this , being retired does have an advantage .

Sounds pretty good, welder. Seems like you got smoother as you went.

An old friend of mine would never give me a compliment at all and one day he said after I finished a tune he said that was smooth and from that point in time it became a joke with all of us that played together ,. When one of us played one we just looked and each other said that was smooth. LOL . fun is where it is at have fun and if it becomes work stop, something is not right.

Whew! I can now play with the aid of the tab the whole tune . it has been a trial for me and a lot of time spent . Hope I will be able to record the whole tune within the next week or so . still tripping a few places but I love it when it transposes to the key of C. Again I feel possessed to learn it, nothing was getting in my way except the energy to do it . Can’t wait till I have it down and get started on the next one . I found one thing out and that is I had better use light gauge strings to help my aging fingers out LOL!

Good deal!