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Problems with Membership

Okay this is what has happened, I received an email from you about my credit card not being correct but I cannot seem to rectify the problem. Every time I try I get bumped out. So my gold membership was downgraded to silver. I completely understand this. But I am lifetime picker member now [paid the $75 fee]. Isn’t lifetime member higher than gold? Why would I get downgraded to silver being a lifetime member now?

Second problem, now when I send a message [twice now] I get no answer. That is why I am using the forum to see if someone will answer me. It says because I am now a silver member Ben’s priority is answering gold members first and I do understand this. I still have had no return answer on all of this. Has anybody else had this same problem?

Shouldn’t a lifetime member be above gold and silver? I do not understand this.

I think the best and m hoping for an answer soon.


I don’t know why you are having problems buddy…but I am sorry to hear about that.

Yeah, that doesn’t sound quite right. I know Ben has been pretty busy lately, but he has some folks that can fix your situation helping him out. Usually they’re pretty fast at handling problems.

Hang in there!

Yep, I think the best, I am not upset in the least bit. Ben is a great guy


Sorry to hear you are having troubles partner.

I wish i could tell ya i could fix ya up but i only have extra priviledges on the forums and not the actual site that has all the videos, tabs and such.

I am sure Ben will be able to fix ya up soon he has just been really busy lately with a lot of extra stuff going on i think. I will drop him an email as well and let him know about your post just to see if i can push it up the list a bit so to speak and see if we can’t get your account worked out.



Thanks bmorgan

Praying for ya Ben, hope everything is ok, blessings to ya


Update, Ben is looking into this and getting to the bottom of it all. I expect it to be fixed shortly. One more thing, I appreciate his work and this website. Lot of good stuff and good people.