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Problem with the.tef files

Okay, so I want to learn a bunch of the tabs posted on this site, but a lot of them are quite unfamiliar to me. I can’t get the .tef files to work in Tabledit. Is anyone else having problems with them or is there any advice on getting them to work?

Are you running a PC or mac?

What is the exact problem? Are the tabs not loading, showing up as unreadable text, or something else?

I am as we’ll, but I am using an IPad with a table edit app. I can still use the .tef files from Banjo Hangout, but the ones on here just direct me to a different tab with computer jibberish. The only only visible difference is Banjo Hangout’s links end in .tef and Ben’s don’t. Andy is looking into it right now for me, but no answer as of yet. Anyone else using an iPad to use .tef files?

I’m having a problem with .tef files as well. On my Mac I’ve tried downloading the files from both a Safari and Chrome browser but end up getting a page of unreadable text. I try importing the files from TablEdit from downloads folder but they are not recognized from the program. I think they have a HTML extension after the .tef as well.

I tried to download a file on my laptop that I don’t usually use and got the same text. I finally figured out that I didn’t have the free tabledit reader downloaded on that computer. Downloaded it and it worked fine.

I hope I’m understanding the problem. Did you download this?

I have the TablEdit program downloaded from there site as well as TEFView on my iPad. I still can’t get tef files to load in either program. I’m going to mess around with it tonight and search the FAQs on there site to see if I can figure it out.

I got it to work in Chrome. When I used Safari I couldn’t get an option to open file with TablEdit. It would just open a tab and view the file in text.

Same issue still, no answer yet. iPad doesn’t have an “open with” option that I can tell.

Only workaround I have discovered is to download the file to my PC and mail it as an attachment, or by opening it in TEFViewer, clicking file, and send as an attachment. I then open my mail on my iPad and it gives me the option of opening the attachment using TEFViewer. Hope this helps!