Problem with melodics


hey ben, this is mark ,i’ve got a small problem with the intro to melodics section. the last part where you do the thumb banjo has a bar that runs down the side for capoing the high “g”.i can’t seem to hit that part clean,any suggestions? love the new set up on your site by the way,just gonna take a little getting used to . thanks loads for all you do.god bless!


ihowdy ben .mark again,i just did a little digging on the particular 5th string capo i have.turns out it’s called a "vega pittman" dose’nt have the thumb screw type deally on just has a little spring like thing you can slide up and down. it does come in handy when i play in different keys and is real easy and fast to use so i’d hate to take it off. i guess i’ll just have to do some finger stretching exercises!


Mark, I’ve been working on a bunch of stuff with thumb fingerings. I don’t have a 5th string capo but it is still a real job to get a clean tone from my thumb on a lot of positions. Good Luck! Wish I had some advice that would help…


hey fiddlewood,i’m just glad to hear i’m not the only one with this problem. i guess it’s like i told ben,i’ll just have to do those finger stretching exercises! thanks for the input.