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Plek'd Guitar

Has anyone on here ever had their guitar Plek’d? I just heard about this process today. If you have, did you like the results?

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Yes, I have!

Glaser Bros (I think that’s the name) did my '96 Gibson J-60 years ago when I was visiting Artisan Guitars store in Franklin, TN. They actually recommended them and sent it in for me. When finished, Glaser’s shipped it to my home in Ohio. I was very impressed and still am to this day. That had to be 10 or 12 years ago, maybe more and I haven’t had to touch it since. I would have bet my house that it needed a neck reset but the plecking took care of it. It’s my main guitar and gets played a ton. I don’t even leave it in the case… sits out most of the time other than the dry winter season.

So yes, based on my experience, I would highly recommend it! But only if you’re guitar isn’t up to par. Mine was a mess! If it’s playing well, not buzzing and you’re happy with it, I’d leave it alone. Always start with your truss rod adjustment if you have buzzing or your action is too high!!! Many people miss this and start messing with the saddle. A proper truss rod adjustment can do wonders!

Good luck!


Thanks for the input…

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I had never heard of Plek before it came up here, but I read that it comes standard on Collings guitars… no wonder they play so incredibly well! Definitely an interesting concept.