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Hey boys and girls…I need yer help.

We have a big trip planned in a few weeks…spending 10 days or so in the beautiful black hills of South Dakota. Anyway, i got my banjer, we’ll have a mando, and a couple of geetars. We plan on filling the campground with music, but my wife has asked specifically for a playlist that everybody can sing along with.

I like the gospel stuff personally, so if anybody has favorites, post 'em here and we’ll either learn them or fake our way through it. I figure it’ll be a good time regardless.

Here’s a few to start, all in G:
I’ll fly away (G)
Bury me beneath the willow (G)
Just a closer walk with thee (G)

Do you need lyrics and such or just wanted to know what we like?

Mike, just the titles. I have:

Unclouded Day
What A Friend We Have In Jesus
Washed in the Blood
Lifes Railway to Heaven
Gospel Train
Just to name a few :wink:. The more the merrier.

Keeping with the gospel things…
Do Lord (I usually do it in D with a key change to E midway through like J. Cash)
I am a pilgrim (G)
Drifting too far from the shore (I think we do capo 2 it in A)
I shall not be moved ©
In the sweet by and by ©
In the garden (G)
Softly and tenderly (G)
When the role is called up yonder (G)
Where the soul of man never dies (C or capo up a few like Skaggs & Rice)
Where we never grow old (A)
I have decided to follow Jesus ©
Victory in Jesus (G)

If you want lyric and chord sheets for any of these, shoot me a PM with an email address. I think most are public domain, but I don’t want to get Ben’s forum in trouble.

PM your way Mike