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Does anybody happen to have a photo, link, or description of the “proper” or suggested amount to bend the steel picks around the end of your finger?

Mine seemed to be too straight and were really banging on the banjo head too much, so I bent 'em around my finger tips more. Now I’m missing strings and it’s thrown everything off…and I’m still banging them on the drum head!

:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

Ben’s video is excellent. He’s brought out points that no one has ever told me and it improved my picking considerably. Remember that you’ve been used to one way and need time to train yourself the correct way so don’t expect to be spot on right away but it will come and the results will amaze you on your picking. Good Luck

That ‘picking your picks’ vid really helped me. I was all mixed up before I watched that.

Well if this wasn’t the final straw that prodded me into finally going gold…lol. I’m now a gold pick and will check out the video. Thanks!

***Just watched both and can’t wait to get home and adjust my picks! Good pointers in that video.