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Picker needed

I’m sure this is in the wrong place, but I’m too lazy to search :sunglasses:

Anybody in the Denver area wanna get together and pick/learn together? I’m at the phase where lessons are me paying for a guy to play with, and I’d just as soon do that for free and meet some folk of like mind…any takers? i’m on the south side of town (close to the town of Parker) if anybody wants to get together.

Judging by our, it doesn’t look too promising, but then again, your marker isn’t on our map either! :smiley:

Do you have any local jams happening?

Few jams, but not what I’m looking for. I want some “good ole boys” willing to pick and grin while I whip up something on the big green egg. Geetars, mandos, banjers, harps, whatever. Love to start a “gospel jam”.

That big green egg food sounds really inviting. I’ll probably be up your way in about a month, but I doubt I’d be able to swing by on this trip. I’ll likely be with a group and we’ll probably be over in Summit county (probably about 1.5 hours away from you), maybe a bit west of that depending on the snow. I generally get in the general area once or twice a year and I’ll be sure to give you a head’s up if I think I can visit. Sounds like it would be fun.

Mike, you’re welcome any time…daughters are requesting you bring your Hello Kitty guitar though…

Thanks for the invite, and you would be welcome here (near Fort Worth) anytime as well. I wish I had that hello kitty guitar. The one in the picture was digitally added by Larry.
The wheels are turning now. I do have a nice playing beater guitar… maybe if I put a thin coat of pink lacquer it wouldn’t kill the sound of it. After that, a vinyl sticker or two and I’d be set!

You could always start your own jam sessions. I started off trying to do that and ended up with alot of people interested but they were just starting out. So we ended up starting a beginner/intermediate lesson group. Here’s a picture from last night’s session:
We have a fun time. Some of the people from the group lessons have played with me several times at the church. I have been talking about moving it to the church (for more room), but my wife and I have unpredictable schedules, and the timing changes pretty often. If I do move it to the church, I’ll probably re-combine the lessons and jam sessions. Maybe do a thirty minute lesson prior to the jam sessions. Anyway, I bet if you started hosting a jam session, you’d have a bunch of new friends before you knew it. Especially if you cooked a big chunk of meat in the green egg.

What a bunch of miscreants and ne’er do wells! :smiley:

I’ve been pushing for my bluegrass association to do a lesson/workshop before our weekly jam, too. I figure if we all learn songs together then we’ll know the same songs when the jam starts up… and that makes a better experience for musicians and audience alike.

BTW, nice flooring… is that hickory?

Thanks for the complement, it’s just red oak. We put a chestnut stain on it. We were trying to get a color that would hide fur from our cat we had at the time. It worked out pretty well. Now we have a small collection of animals, so I guess we need to get multicolored flooring. :laughing:

Good point about starting something. Maybe I’ll make it a “bluegrass gang” with initiations and such. You gotta work your way in and you can never leave :smiley: