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Pick thickness:

I have used a 1.4 for sometime and to be honest it feels as though I am picking the guitar with a brick. I went back to a .88 and found that the ease with which I play was better and the sound was clearer . I chalk it off to using a .73 and .88 most of my guitar life. The 1.4 really interfered with my feeling and everything suffered because of it I am now playing smoother . To be honest I am not a real big fan of super fast picking . I like things a little more laid back and that is the way I will be playing from this point on. I am only picking for myself and a few family members so I am going to do what feels good and enjoy it . I am not knocking playing fast I do like some fast picking . I suggest to all to use what works better for you . Most of all enjoy it . GUITARS you have to love them.!!!

I remember back in the day when I used an .88 I never thought I could get use to anything heavier. Now I use a 1.4 Wegen or BlueChip 40 most of the time and when I try anything much lighter it just doesn’t feel right. You’ve been around plenty long enough to know whats best for you Ken, if it’s an .88 stick with it. Clean picking with a light pick is better than sloppy picking with a heavy pick.

I use 1.14 or 1.5 Dunlop Max-grips

I getting old and weak so I have to look at everything to make it easy . we use what we like and that’s a fact . I used and still do a 1.4 but I have been playing with an .88 and I am liking it .

Instructions say to hold the pick loosely and play.
Anything short of zip-tying one to my finger and by the third strum and the pick is flying across the room.
Some folks like high string action so they get that amazing full volume. I’m basically wimp. I like the action butter smooth. Purests shudder, but I really enjoy reverb, digital delay, etc to make up for what I lose acoustically.

Me and you think a lot alike on that I feel the lightest touch is all that is needed but I seem to do ok in the volume field, and I should after using amps for 30 years with the fender , It boils down to whatever works for you. boil em flat picks down boys turn em ho cakes round . For strumming I use an even lighter pick. Have a good day all and enjoy the music. Did I mention I like old rock & roll? Just take them old records off the shelf !


Have you tried the Dunlop Ultex 1.14 mm? If you don’t like the thicker picks, this may be a good alternative without sacrificing the tone you’d get with a thicker pick. They’re still stiff enough to give good control too and they are plenty cheap. I’ll send you a couple if you’d like to try one or maybe you already have tried them.

Alex mentioned the Max-Grips in the same thickness. I’m not sure what those are, but that may be a good alternative too. I’ll have to look them up.

I use them most all the time not the 1,14 but dunlop picks . the make great picks and are affordable . Thank you for the offer but I have some .