Pick polishing tool


Here’s are review of a high dollar tool. My trusty “Kiss” nail file is about shot and I haven’t seen them for sale anywhere. I use it for shaping my nails on my picking fingers and thumb. It also does a nice job of polishing picks. At Walmart, I picked up a “Trim 7 way buffer” from the nail section of cosmetics. The cost before tax was $2.88.
My Wegen picks had gotten a bit nicked up on the business edges. The 7 way buffer has (you guessed it) 7 different grits. I started with 4 and worked my way up to 7. It did a nice job polishing out the little nicks. The pick is now smoother and quieter. Be advised that it is also a darker sound. That may be a good thing for you or a bad thing.

Pros of the tool: It’s cheap and it does the job. The 7 stages are nicely progressive.
Cons of the tool: It’s more of a note than a gripe, but I don’t think the final buffing stage is as fine as my traditional “Kiss” board. That could be a result of the age and use on my old one. I have micro mesh polishing sticks (available from stew-mac) I could go to if I really wanted it slicker.


It also did a great job polishing a bone nut. I started with 400 grit sand paper, then 1000, 2000 and then finished with the nail file using the final 4 stages.