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Pick cleaning (blue chip)

I have had my tad 40 for a few weeks. I have noticed it is not sticking like glue now days. I sent in a question to the company about cleaning and care. I was wondering what every one else cleans there high end picks(wegen clayton etc.) with?

Blue Chip just E-mail me and said it was ok to clean theres with a mild soap and water. I used dawn and it did a great job restoring the picks grip.

Thanks Travelingjim, I’ll keep that in mind.

Good tip, Jim. Thanks.

Dont mean to hijack the thread here, but I have been hearing about the Blue Chip pick and went on the world wide innerstate and checked it out. The price is kinda salty on that thing so I have to ask. What do you guys that use it think about it. What makes it worth the price? What does it offer that other picks dont?

John, I was just like you and wondered what would make anybody buy a $40 thumb pick? Well, as someone else told me, you have a $xxxxxxxx banjo.and you’re worried about spending $40 more? Kinda made sense seeing how well these picks were touted. So I broke down and bought one. GLAD I did. I’ll never go back to my National now. It just fits right and stays put. No twisting around anymore and the thing sounds better IMHO

One other thing that made me think it not insane to purchase a blue chip… the material they use is very expensive. This is from memory, so the details might be off a bit, but I think they said a 10" X 10" X 1/2" sheet of the material is $3000. It is supposed to be “self lubricating” which is why they supposedly play so nice. If the material is that expensive, then the pick price has to be high… as such it doesn’t bother me too much for a $50 pick. I can’t say if it’s worth it, as I haven’t ordered mine yet.

I like blue chip . It becomes a part of you when there not all oiled up.LOL The sound that you will get will keep you coming back. How fast can you burn $40 and have nothing to show for it. I think the blue chip and the wegen produce close to or the same sound tho. If you can find a shop that sells them don’t go try one with out your money.LOL

What do I like about my Blue Chip?
Well, the first thing I noticed is how it feels in my hand. I went to my local music store, to try one out and after playing for a while I actually forgot that I was holding a pick. Another thing about them is the sound. It cuts down the clicking sound of the pick against the strings.
I’ve never been a ‘pick’ person. I just used whatever pick was laying around, it didn’t matter to me. Now that I have a Blue Chip, 2 actually, a YD40 and a TD50, it is all I use. End of testimonial.

I use blue chips for banjo (thumb) and guitar. I like them.

I gave away a heavy triangle blue chip to a friend this weekend because I like the teardrop 35 I have better. I play a D-28 and the thinner pick brings out a slightly brighter sound to my ear that I like a bit better (yeah I know, buy a D-18…)

— Begin quote from "fiddlewood"

(yeah I know, buy a D-18…)

— End quote

Yup and send me your D-28 :smiley:

haha, I’m thinkin’ not. I like my old war-horse.

It was worth a try! :wink:

I have a D-28 on my list as my first good guitar when I upgrade from my Yamaha. was trying to drop the subtle hints to my uncle who has one the other night on the phone but he either wasn’t getting the hints or was and wasn’t having it…

I told him I was in the market for one and he says, “you want a new one or used one?” to which I reply “well a used one that had some history behind it, like knowing the guy who played it before me who I was maybe pretty close to would be kinda cool”

crickets… “Uncle Jim, you still there?” :smiley: