Pick Clamp



Hi, I’m Harvey.
Delighted to be here.
I’ve played guitar for 40 years. Always used fingerpicks. One challenge I’ve had is keeping a grip on a flatpick.
3 strums and the pick is gone. I absolutely love Banjo Bens style so am determined to overcome the pick issue.
One thing I’m trying is a clip I found at Fred Meyers to attach to a tarp.

I clamped a pick in its jaws and find it quite serviceable.
If I discover refinements, I’ll post them here.

All the best,



Welcome to the forum and please post your ideas we all need them . Looks like you have a bit more to hang on to not real sure how you would use this maybe a fuller explanation would help . I had that problem and in my 70’s and what I did was exercise the thumb and fore finger and built up that tiny muscle in between, It just about fixed the problem, still exercising . http://www.smileycons.com/img/emotions/136.gif


Hi Welder4,
Delighted to get aquointed! ! !
Really enjoying your input.

Thanks for the help,



I use these to help minimize slipping …

Donlop Max-Grip picks (brighter tone than second link):
amazon.com/gp/product/B003B0 … RHWH2KP31E


Snarling Dogs picks:
amazon.com/gp/product/B000BB … RHWH2KP31E


Hi Alex,
Thank you so much!!!
I’ll give them a try.


Im in with max grip jazz lll
Vary attack with thumb tension, pick up speed.I use wrist to change angle for strumming,raking
My problem is getting too comfortable and tired,thumb relaxes and I drop them in!


Thank you…